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If you find a prayer that you like, help yourself with God's blessing.

Wake up Prayer

Dear God,
As I awake this morning, help me to set intentions of good for all I meet and do.
I love myself and my body with my words and actions.
I eat healthy foods, exercise, and meditate today to maintain this precious gift, which you have provided.
Help me to let go of my addictions, ego, and fear to rise to any occasion.
I call on my guides and angels to help me be the best I can be to reflect your guidance and influence. Amen

Prayer of healing

Dear God,
Please help me to live my best and highest life by showing me what I'm not seeing.
Help me to understand my relationships and the lessons to be learned as painful as that may be.
Help me to understand any anger in my life and then to release it to aid my spiritual journey to the light.
Help me to find the love in all situations and to remember this is why I'm in human form.
Bless me as I venture forth with love in my heart for myself and others.
To recognize that my anger is fear.
To heal my life with your loving light. Amen

Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you God for all of your gifts.
My life, family, and friends, all that you bring to me.
Let me remember daily to be grateful for your love and blessings.

Without your gift of love, there would be no life. Amen

Lover's Prayer

Dear God,
I ask that you take ______ into your loving arms and bless him/her with your unconditional love.
Give ________ the strength to stand beside me through life's troubles and trevails with honesty and patience.
Bless our union as a love match condoned by God to lift us up.
Help us to remember daily to be grateful for our love. Amen

Sleep Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep.
I ask of God my soul to keep.
Lower level energies stay away
While I close my eyes, sleep, and pray.
God bless _______
Help me to remember to forgive daily
And to be grateful to all you bring me. Amen

Prayer for Passing

Please receive _________ home again into your loving arms.
Bring _______ the peace her/his soul so desparately needs and wants.
Surround ______ with your loving energy and lift her/him to the light.
I ask this with my heart and soul,
And send gratitude to you for this blessing. Amen

Prayer for forgiveness

Dear God,

Hear my plea. Forgive me for my errors against others, as I forgive their errors against me.

Grant me the wisdom and love to free those who hurt me. By freeing them of their karmic burden, I free myself.

Let them ask for forgiveness to atone for their sins, and to know that with humility and candor, they can live their highest and best lives.


Prayer for the Golden Age

In the name of God, maker of heaven and earth, I ask that the highest beings hear my prayer to deliver this world into a new age.

I ask that those who believe be saved from the juggernaut of destruction that will soon come.

I ask that those who pass due to the ending of this time on Earth be welcomed home into your loving arms.

Help us to remember at this difficult time that we are loved, and when we ask for your love and mercy with a full heart it will come to us.

Show us how to rise above this misery and to realize that a new age can only come when the old age passes away.

We welcome your guidance with gratitude and love. Amen

Prayer for the Elementals

We see your pain.
We see your burden.
We see the pollution that swallows the Earth.
We see the carelessness of humans who disregard your mission.

Rise up Elementals and know that though your journey is hard, we support you.

We send you God's love. We send you acknowledgment of your difficult tasks.

Air, weather, earth, sea, plants, and animals, God's blessings on you for not giving up; for fighting the good fight; for believing in your missions.

Be at peace and know that soon your burden will be lifted. Go with God. Amen.