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Photo classes with Susan Lukas

photo classes in metro Milwaukee area

Learn Digital Photography
One-on-One Classes in metro Milwaukee for Beginning Photographers

Consider taking these classes if:

  • You've ever wondered what all those buttons and things do on your camera
  • You want to take your DSLR or Four Thirds camera off Auto
  • You need to take better photos for your job
  • You need classes that have flexible scheduling, instruction, and individual attention from the instructor
  • You want better photos of your family and friends
  • You're going on vacation and want some good photo memories
  • You want better photos for scrap booking projects
  • You want to learn a new hobby, and photography looks fun!

It is, so sign up today!

What kind of camera do you need?

Your camera should have manual settings on it for you to get the most from your lessons. How do you know if your camera has manual settings?

Look in your owner's manual. Does it list a chapter on f-stops and shutter speed adjustments? Look at your camera. Does is have M, TV, AV and P or M, S, A, and P on a top knob? Then it has manual settings.

If you aren't sure, contact Susan.

When do classes meet and how long are they?

Classes are designed to be flexible. They are:

  • One-on-one (or one and a couple) If you want personal attention from the instructor, this is the class for you.
  • Set up according to our schedules
  • Designed to be flexible. Choose from eight classes offered for four sessions. (For example: the first class covers how your camera works. If you already know this, you might start with shutter speeds and apertures class.)
  • E-mail Susan with your questions

Here are some possible locations for classes:

  • Colectiva, several locations
  • Panera, several locations
  • Bruegger's Bagels, Wauwatosa
  • Wilson’s Coffee & Tea, 3306 Washington Avenue, Racine
  • Who teaches the classes?

    Susan Lukas, an award-winning photographer, has taught photography to adults since 2003. She has developed her curriculum by listening to her students and helping them to achieve their goals. Her enthusiasm will help you become the photographer you want to be. Her classes are all about you and what you need to be a better photographer. TESTIMONIALS

    Susan's classes are designed to be flexible for your busy life.The meeting place and time will be determined by mutual agreement before the first class.

    Susan will call/e-mail you to schedule your class after your deposit is received.

    What to expect in the first class:

  • Bring your camera, extra battery and owner's manual to every class
  • Classes may be combined if that works better with your schedule. Let her know when you book.
  • Bring in photos that didn't turn out and you don't know why
  • When would you like to schedule class (vacation coming, need for work, etc.)
  • Where would you like to take the class? See list above.
  • Here is an overview:

    First beginner photo class
    We will meet to talk about your camera and how to use your it; handout. Bring your owner's manual and extra battery to each class.
    (May combine first and second class for one 2-hour session

    Second class
    Discuss first class and talk about depth of field and shutter speeds. Go out and practice.

    Third class
    Our third class is about lighting and metering. We will review your photos from the second class. Go out and practice; Powerpoint presentation

    (May combine third and fourth classes for one two-hour session)

    Fourth class
    third class and talk about composition. What is composition and why should you know about it? Then we go outside for the remainder of class to take photos; Powerpoint presentation

    Naturally, She's Dreaming

    Included in the class is Susan's new book, Naturally, She's Dreaming.

    Full-color coffee table book features 32 of Susan's fine-art images with "how to" tips on photography and Photoshop.

    As an aspiring photographer, it helps to look at other photo art, try to copy it, and learn from it.


    This four-session class is:

    • For one hour
    • One-on-one
    • Meets when/where it is convenient for our schedules
    • For students 15 and older
    • Wear comfortable shoes and dress for weather
    • Taught at various locations around the metro area.
    • Includes Naturally, She's Dreaming with tips on photography and Photoshop

    This four-session class is:

    • Continuation of beginning class
    • For one hour
    • One-on-one
    • Meets when/where it is convenient for our schedules


    Sign up for eight classes - receive another hour FREE.

    Register for 1 photo class (4 one-hour sessions) $250/student

    Deposit $100; $150 due at first class OR pay in full
    Couples $480 (save $20); Deposit $100; $380 due at first class

    Receive signed book, Naturally, She's Dreaming

    Register for Beginning and Advanced Photography classes (8 sessions)

    Deposit $100; $380 due at first class
    OR pay in full and receive another hour of instruction free. (9 hours total)

    Receive signed book, Naturally, She's Dreaming

    • Credit cards accepted (MC/Visa), PayPal, checks and cash
    • Gift certificates available; photo classes, prints and the book make great gifts! Go to the Gallery page to order in any amount you wish.
    • Class will be scheduled after your initial payment is received.
    • Remainder of payment due (gift certificate/check/credit card/cash) at first class.

    Register for Classes