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This Web site is dedicated to God with spiritual counseling and healing, art, and books.


After several years of effort and study, Susan Lukas has grown into her spiritual mission. Besides being an artist, author, and teacher, she is a psychic medium and Reiki healer. None of this is possible without spirit's guidance. Her acceptance of her mission is the reason for this Web site. She prepares to bring forward another book co-written with her guides. Abiding Flame is an epic book filled with spiritual wisdom and guidance directly from God.

Little did Susan know when she walked into a local church, that God had big plans for her. Like a flower slowly opening, Susan grew to write messages from spirit, took Reiki training, and from there continued to work with spirit daily to write books, provide messages from spirit and Reiki healing, and to learn what God wants from her in this life.

As an artist, Susan's work is shown at prominent galleries and juried shows in the United States. She is included in both public and private collections. Her pieces have been featured in banks, hotel, hospital, restaurant, and university interiors; magazines, books, calendars, and showrooms. Click here to learn more.

Her colorful images, seen at art shows and galleries, explore her medium with intelligence and spiritual insight. She has received many awards for her digital art collages.

Artist Statement My digital dreamscapes flow from a world between heaven and earth. They start as several photos or parts of photos, and I pull from various images to create one new dreamy collage. My fine art prints celebrate nature as the spiritual connection we all have. Nature is the ultimate example of God's creativity. We are souls first living a human experience. My happy images reflect my search for beauty and fun in nature. Bright colors, imaginary subjects bring joy and hope to enliven any room.

As an author, Susan has written three books. Two are self-published and available on this site or from Amazon. Her third book, Abiding Flame is yet unpublished. Go to her Facebook page for more information on her book that offers spiritual guidance and stories for living your best life.



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