Susan Lukas, psychic medium, author and artist

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Events in 2017

June 10-11
Monument Square Art Festival, Racine, WI
June 24-25
Cedarburg Cultural Center, Strawberry Festival Fine Arts and Crafts Fair, Cedarburg, WI
July 8-9
Art Fair Off the Square, Monona Terrace, Madison, WI
Sunday, July 30 Art in the Park, Appleton, WI
August 12-13
Morning Glory, Milwaukee, WI
Saturday, Aug. 19 Agora Art Fair, Fitchburg, WI
Sunday, Sept. 10 Mt. Mary Starving Artist Art Fair, Milwaukee, WI

Susan's images and seaglass jewelry also available at:

No Rules Gallery, Spring Green, WI

Plymouth Art Center Gift Shop, Plymouth, WI

Angel Light, Elm Grove, WI


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