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What gives me the most hope every day is God’s grace; knowing that his grace is going to give me the strength for whatever I face, knowing that nothing is a surprise to God.
Rick Warren


 We live in a beautiful world. We experience this beauty with our five senses. We see a beautiful sunset; we touch a beloved pet’s soft coat; we smell the freshly-washed hair of our child; we taste a delicious meal; we hear laughter from our loved ones. We also have another sense that is often ignored. In fact, we have been trained to ignore it.

The sixth sense is what this book is about, and the reason for writing a second edition of The Spirit Connection. The sixth sense is our connection to God that we all have and can all use.

The four ways to connect to God presented in this book are: use your intuition, visit mediums, and read the questions and answers provided by God and, then if you are still curious about this subject, read books by the authors listed in the appendix.

We are all psychic. Sometimes it’s called intuition, or our sixth sense. But we all have that ability to know someone or something without using our five senses. When the phone rings, have you ever known who is calling you before you look at your phone? How is it that you know this?

Chapter One: We look at ways for you to develop your own intuition, or sixth sense. Will you become a medium or psychic after reading the book? No, but you will receive guidance and direction if you are interested in developing this sense more. This chapter will help you to understand God, religion, and spirituality. God answers some questions in this chapter to help you move closer in your understanding.

Chapter Two: Offers a lexicon associated with Mediums/Healers. Selected Mediums/Healers are featured. Their stories are fascinating.  In some people, this sixth sense is more pro-nounced. They are able to talk to spirits in various ways. As children, most of them knew they were different from others, and less than 15 percent of the population has this true ability. You may have experienced some of the same issues.

If you have questions for God, all of these mediums can provide answers. They offer different ways to connect, different levels of learning and experience, but they are all truly connected and approved by the author’s Spirit Guides to be in this book.

Chapter Three: Offers a question and answer section with God channeled by the author of this book. God chose the questions and provided the answers. This chapter gives insights into the future of Earth for the next several years.

God added this section to help you to prepare for what is coming. It won’t be turned, for this is the path to the Golden Age; peace on Earth; one world religion and no more wars.

This isn’t a doomsday book, but just the opposite. It is a public service announcement. God wants you to understand that your soul is eternal with the power of love like wind in your sails propelling you through the ages. Your soul will survive. This is a glorious event and will change the face of the planet.

Many previous psychics, such as Edgar Cayce, have predicted this event. Mankind can be saved by returning to its spiritual values.

When we realize:

  • We are souls first, humans second, and all connected.
  • God promises us a joyful afterlife.
  • We are children of the universe with all of its vastness.
  • We choose our parents, bodies, and goals before birth.
  • We are on Earth to experience difficulties to help our souls grow toward God.
  • We are eternal beings and part of God’s divine plan. This life is just one of many.

As our weather worsens, you may be wondering why. Is God mad at us? The answer will surprise you. You may be wondering why now? How is it going to happen? To whom is it going to happen?
These questions will be answered here.

Chapter Four: Other authors are offered as a way to understand God better. There are many ways to connect, and after reading this book, you may feel you want to know more. Several prayers are offered to those who wish to move closer to God.

With the tools and knowledge to help you find your spiritual path, you may be wondering, “How do I know that any of this is real? I don’t even believe I have a soul.”
Faith! That ineffable feeling inside of you that tells you - you are connected to something larger and that this life is not all there is. A belief that all that comes to you is from God. Good or bad events, from your point of view, are all controlled by God. Without giving away too much of the rest of the book, know that as the weather worsens and the world changes, it is all leading to a glorious future.

God has not abandoned you and this is why this book has been created. Blessings!

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