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Naturally, She's Dreaming The Spirit Connection

Naturally, She's Dreaming
by Susan Lukas

Inspirational Art and Essays
Celebrate Nature and Art as the Spiritual Connection
We All Have

  • 32 beautiful, full color, fine art dreamscapes organized by seasons
  • 32 Inspirational essays
  • How to's for photographers and Photoshop users
  • Coffee table book, 8x10"
  • Great gift

Feed your soul and live your best life with Susan's pictures and words of artistic and spiritual inspiration. Meditate on the magic found on these pages.

Go to a place of tranquility and happiness. Feel empowered by reading about Susan's life experiences and insights.


The Spirit Connection
Four Ways to Connect to God
by Susan Lukas

We are all psychic. Sometimes it’s called intuition or our sixth sense. But we all have that ability to know someone or something without using our five senses.

Chapter One This chapter will explain God, religion, and spirituality. God answers some questions in this chapter to help you move closer in your understanding.
Chapter Two Mediums and psychics talk to spirits (God) in various ways.
Chapter Three offers a question and answer section with God channeled by the medium who is the author of this book. God chose the questions and will provide the answers.
Chapter Four Other authors are offered as a way to understand God better. After reading this book, you may feel you want to know more.



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(Naturally, She's Dreaming)


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The Spirit Connection

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