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september 21, 2017

Some changes to report: I am no longer doing art shows, but will continue to exhibit my work on this site and in galleries. Personal shows are also available. Please contact me to talk about your art needs for your home or business.

August 15, 2017

Art shows coming up: this weekend I will be in Fitchburg at the Agora Art Show on Saturday, August 19. Two art shows remain in the year for me in September: Hawthorn Hollow and Mt. Mary Starving Artist Art Show.

Interested in following my art? I will post on my Instagram page: susanlukas_digitalart.

I had thought for awhile that this would be my last year doing art shows, but I have discovered that I like doing them too much to stop. My guides tell me to continue to do them if I want. The book, Abiding Flame, will be realized next year.

They tell me patience, which is definitely something I need to work on, and in the meantime, I am grateful for all they bring me to help me grow.

One of the blessings they brought me was to lead me to Al Anon. I have found a great group of people who are working to improve their lives with God's guidance. This is directly tied to my book Abiding Flame and will allow me to understand my characters better and bring more depth to them. Yes, and it also aids my personal life for we all have issues to resolve.

I am a work in progress. By the grace of God go I, Sue

May 31, 2017

Next art show is June 10 and 11 at Monument Square, Racine. This show is right near Lake Michigan in downtown Racine. High quality art is offered, and parking is nearby.

May 12, 2017

Someone asked me recently, if someone were to play the characters from Abiding Flame in a movie, who do you see in the role of Phil? Mark Wahlberg gets my vote; and Pam would be nicely portrayed by Blake Lively. Her best friend Pam - Halle Berry. Karma - Tom Hanks.

Here is an excerpt from the book for Mother's Day: In this chapter, Phil is Ixanyx, a Mayan woman whose daughter has just died. She suffers and tries to accept her loss.

Ixga – her only child to live. To think of what happened to her, almost stopped Ixanyx’s heart. Her love’s depth and breadth was like the sky. She remembered when her daughter was born. Her mother handed her the crying bundle wrapped in the softest blanket. Ixanyx looked into the face and felt an emotional surge as she had never felt before. She had tried so many times to have a child. This girl would never know want, would always know how precious she was, and would always come first with both parents.

Ixanyx was comforted to know that her beautiful child was now in heaven, and Ixga understood her mother’s depth of feeling. At night when Ixanyx looked at the stars in the sky, she thought, ‘my daughter is there now in the care of the gods. She is one of the twinkling lights and watches me while I sleep.’

This knowledge allowed Ixanyx to function, and function she must, as life moved on. Ixga’s death seemed unbearable at times, but she must keep moving for if she succumbed to her misery and lost her faith, she thought she might die, too. And why not die? she asked herself. She had lost both daughter and husband within a span of days. Why should she go on?

may 1, 2017

As the storms of life pass by . . . .

April 27, 2017


Mentally ill, broke, and in pain, Phil hates his life. When his wife files for divorce, it is the last straw. He commits suicide.

Expecting to find peace and quiet after he puts his gun to the head, Phil is surprised to meet his guardian angel Karma who leads him on a tour of the other side.

Heaven is a wonderful place. Phil reunites with his father and other loved ones, meets angels, and reviews several of his past lives. His wife Pam has been with him in all of his lives, along with his brother Paul and others who make up the matrix of his lives. In one life he is a man and she is a woman, in the next their roles are reversed. In another they are brother and sister. Their love for each other transcends their lives and goes with them through the centuries.

In this extraordinary book, Phil learns the soul never dies, love is like a river that runs through all of his lives, and he is never alone. His guardians are with him in all of his lives and love him regardless of his life choices.

Come with Phil as he travels through history, learns about himself, his soul, and humankind’s future.

Be inspired by spirit’s insights into Phil’s lives to help you live your best life, to renew your faith in God, and to know our souls are eternal. You will want to share this book with everyone you know and love.


Abiding Flame, Part 2, Chapter 14 – Karma Leaves Phil
Phil looked at the white, smooth tower that was many stories high. It looked like a silo and had no windows. The wooden door was rustic and brown with a carved, wooden handle. He appreciated the workmanship.
Karma had not said why he was to go inside or when, he thought, so he sat down on the green grass to think about all that he had seen and done since coming here to this strange place.

He looked around and saw that he sat by a flower bed like he had never seen before. The flower petals glowed with intense, rich colors and greens shone like emeralds. He leaned over to smell a flower, and the scent was sweet and rich. He had never smelled anything like it and reached over to pick a flower. Phil heard ‘NO’ in his head. He pulled back his hand as if he had been burned. The flowers disappeared.
“Look at the flowers, but don’t pick them.”
He shrugged and returned to his reason for sitting on the grass, enjoying the sunshine outside the tower.

I went to Earth to grow, Karma said. But how? That was still a mystery.
Each life is like a game. When I died it was game over, and I started the game again. How many games have I played? Karma didn’t say.
We were lesbian lovers. It didn’t make sense. He couldn’t ever see himself having a homosexual relationship. He hated homos. He was still very attached to his human persona and ego.
Who had he known before? He didn’t know this either.
Phil was confused. It seemed as if it were up to him to go into the tower or not. He waited to see if anyone came out or in. No one did. He couldn’t ask anyone what was inside. Did he want to know? Yes, but first he wanted to take a nap. He was suddenly very tired.

Phil lay back on the green grass with the warm sun shining on his face and closed his eyes. He was asleep instantly and dreamed. In his dream, he saw himself as he was, flying. He reviewed his life again at the speed of light. He relived all the pain and misery he had experienced. And felt again all the pain and misery he had caused, especially his treatment of Pam and the collapse of their marriage.
She was a good and faithful soul until she felt that she couldn’t reach him anymore. Then, quite by accident, she thought, Carlos came on the scene. He saw that Carlos had been in many of her lives and had loved her well, better than he.
Strangely, he wasn’t jealous, for he was suddenly wise and saw all that Karma had been trying to tell him. He saw all of his lives, over 100, and they flowed out in front of him like a river, each life a stream that ran into the wide river that was his soul. And he was happy. He saw why he chose the life he had and how it went wrong.

But then he realized, it wasn’t wrong. It was an experience he needed to move closer to God. Had Karma been wrong? No, it was all as it should be no matter what the outcome. The wisdom of it rose in him like the water of the river and in a gush he felt the love from which he had disconnected. It all made sense now. He felt it all and was happy to be home again.
He understood what it meant to go from life to life and why he chose to do it. It was for the experience. And in each life, you meet many of the same people because you have issues with each soul that you need to resolve. In heaven, or on this side, everything is love. Love is energy, an electrical current that runs through everything.

He heard someone say, “When you go to a human vessel on Earth, you forget all that love. You grow from a baby to a man or woman thinking that you are alone, but that is far from the truth. When a soul is selected to go to Earth, that soul is always connected to home. Many spirits rally around that soul and support it with serendipitous happenings, intuition, and warm feelings. You are like an Indy race car; your spirit guides are your pit crew. When you trust them and allow them to help you, their advice and support will help you find your reason for coming to Earth to live your best life. That pit crew changes as the soul’s needs change. Their highest and best advice is offered with love and kindness.”
Did Phil ever realize this before? He must have, for he saw that he had lived many lives and was an old soul. That was why he took on the gift of mediumship and was supposed to help others who couldn’t reach their spirit guides and loved ones at home. He was supposed to be a conduit to home for those who felt alone and bereaved as he had been in his most recent life.

Phil felt shame for throwing away the precious gift he had been given. He understood now what had happened in his life. He had turned away from his connection to home and lived a life based on fear. It ruled his life. He wasted his gift and turned his back on God. Could Phil ever atone for this past life?
When he awoke from his dream, he was still laying in the grass outside the tower. The light had changed to dusk. He rose and looked around him. There was no one nearby. The tower was the same. He walked up to the door and knocked. No need to knock, he heard. Come on in.
He pushed open the heavy door and walked in. It was dark inside. He closed the door and stood in the darkness while his eyes adjusted. He saw someone sitting at a plain wooden table.

An old man with a beard looked at him and said, “We have been expecting you.” He wore a white robe as you would expect a spirit being to wear, and he asked Phil to follow him. They climbed a flight of stairs to a room where Phil was asked to sit and wait.  “It will only be a little wait.” He laughed after he said that. He thought his comment was a joke. Oh yeah, there is no time here, remembered Phil.
Soon the wait was over and the same man opened the door and invited him in. “Phil so glad you could stop by,” Karma said. He entered a small, drab room with a movie projector sitting on a battered wooden table. A white screen descended as he entered the room.
“Aren’t you the man I was just talking to?”
“Oh, is he me today?”
“You told me to come here,” said Phil. “I’m not really sure why.”
“All in good time. Have a seat, Phil.” He laughed again as if it were the best joke he’d heard in a long time.                                                                                                 
“What’s so funny?”
He just grinned at Phil, not letting him in on the joke.
“We are a happy group over here on this side. We seldom quarrel and there are no petty jealousies and hate as on Earth. We solve our differences quickly without strife. Peaceful and serene. If we want a challenge, then we go to Earth, or take a class and learn something new. There is no time here and a life on Earth comes and goes in an instant.”
Phil was waiting for him to get to the point and looked behind Karma at the projector with a reel of film.

“Yes we are going to review some of your past lives so that you can see how it all fits together. You have an idea already, I can see, but we are going to look a little closer. You are a suicide. But you were once a teacher on this side and were expected to do great things. None of that happened.”
“Yes, that’s what you told me,” said Phil.
“We will look at who you once were in six of your many lives. Your accomplishments and disappointments, and their affect on your soul will be reviewed to help you understand yourself better.”
Karma turned off the lights and started the old-fashioned movie projector. Was this another one of his jokes? He was a prankster.
Suddenly Phil was no longer in the tower. He was standing in a jungle.

April 23, 2017

You are loved You are God

APRIL 11, 2017


March 28, 2017

Abiding Flame, Part 1, Chapter 2 – Phil Discovers his Gift

When Phil was 10 years old, he saw someone die in a car accident on his way home from school. It was a snowy day in Madison, Wisconsin, and the driver lost control of her car, ran a red light, and plowed into the side of a truck. She died instantly. Her dead body lay on the hood of her car, half in and half out. It was a gruesome sight for anyone.

Then he saw something that was truly scary. A silver cord came from nowhere, and her ghost rose at an angle from her  body and disappeared along the cord. Traumatized, he ran home to tell his grandmother, Maria, who was waiting for him. She lived with them.

“Grandma, Grandma!” he ran into the house panting.
“Stop! Take your boots off! What child?”
“I saw a bad accident on my way home from school. A lady drove into the side of a truck, and I saw the strangest thing. A shiny silver cord came out of her body, and a ghost or shadow moved up the cord and disappeared into the sky.”

“You saw someone dying,” she said and crossed herself. Maria was devout Catholic and went to mass daily. “You must never speak of this to anyone. They will think you are crazy and turn away from you. It is bad luck and Satan’s curse on our family.” She crossed herself again.

She grabbed him by the shoulders and looked straight into his eyes. “You must never tell anyone about this.”
“Even if the police want to talk to me?”

“No one! Swear it!” And he did, but he never forgot her reaction to this event. Maria could see what he saw, Phil knew, but she wouldn’t talk about it. He had nightmares for weeks, afraid that spirits would come for him.

Whenever he asked about seeing ghosts, Maria said it was a curse. “Ignore them, Philip, and they would go away. Never talk to them or acknowledge them. They work for the devil,” And then she would go to mass to pray for his soul.

Maria knew that Philip was a lonely child. His mother, Carol, was always too busy with church activities, crafts, and friends. Phil’s father, Maria’s son, ran the family construction business or played golf. She wondered if he was an alcoholic as he often came home drunk. 

Maria saw Paul, the older son, as indifferent to Philip, who was four years younger. Though she sometimes saw Paul beating up on Philip. She thought it was sibling rivalry. Spirits told her otherwise, but she didn’t listen to them. They also said that Paul and Philip had been in many lives together, had seldom been friends or liked each other.

In this life, their souls were brothers in an attempt to heal their differences. She didn’t believe any of it and thought it was the Devil’s trickery.
When he was five, Phil also had an imaginary friend called Jimmy. No one could see him except Phil and Maria. She told Phil one day to send Jimmy away.

“How long has this little friend been playing with you?” demanded Maria. Phil knew he was in trouble for something, but not sure why.
“He came to stay with me when I had the fever. I was tired, and he just showed up one day. He likes to play.”
“He may seem like a friend,” scolded Maria, “but he is a demon from Satan. Send him away.”

Phil and Jimmy had fun together, and he didn’t want to send him away. They ignored Maria and crawled under the covers to play. Then he learned a little about Jimmy.
“When you are at home, on the other side, we play together there.”
Phil pulled back from his new friend. “Where is home?” asked Phil.

“You mean you didn’t know? I thought you did.”
Phil remembered again what his grandmother told him.
“I can’t play with you anymore. My grandmother says I must send you away.” Jimmy looked sad, but he did as Phil asked and disappeared. 

Phil had other visitors in his room at night. They never talked to him, and he didn’t acknowledge them, as Maria had instructed. When he was little, he would cry when he saw them and call for his mother who came to comfort him. But after a while she was unsympathetic.
His mother gave him a night light, but that just made things worse. He saw more of them when he peeked over the covers. They stared at him, not moving, ghostly figures of men and women in different styles of clothes. Phil unscrewed the bulb before bed, but somehow it came back on later in the night. They wanted something from him, but he was only a kid.

Eventually the light burned out, and the bulb wasn’t replaced. He was glad and didn’t ask for a replacement.
Phil’s parents hoped he would outgrow this. Paul, their other son, didn’t have these night terrors. They took Phil to a doctor who sent them to a child psychiatrist. Phil, who was entering middle school and popular, thought this was the worst thing that could happen to him. He refused to go and threw a huge fit. His mother didn’t push him.

His parents thought he was just looking for attention and didn’t pursue it. Phil’s older brother Paul bullied him. He would ask to have his fortune told, and when Phil wouldn’t do it, Paul would beat him up, call him a liar, or tell him he was crazy like their grandmother.

“We’re going to get two padded cells for both of you, I heard them talking about it the other day.” Paul told Phil. When Phil was little, this would scare him.

Paul would also jump out at him and scare him when he heard Phil in the house. He often crawled on hands and knees into Phil’s bedroom at night and made strange noises to scare his little brother.

As Phil grew, he was invited to friends’ houses for sleepovers and spent more time there than with his family. He didn’t see the ghosts as much then. His parents let him go and, since he was a boy, they didn’t worry about him much. He kept his grades up, didn’t get into fights, and had friends.

They didn’t really know Phil. He seldom talked to them about his feelings. The night visitors never went away. He just stopped talking about them. Phil learned to hide his secret.

Phil’s mom called the mothers of his son’s friends to ask them about Phil.
“No he’s a great kid,” they said. “We are happy to have him over.”
His parents knew something upset him almost nightly, but what could they do about it? They didn’t understand. Maria saw ghosts, and they wondered, was this what Phil saw? He wouldn’t talk about it as his grandmother had instructed him to remain mum.

She said, no one would believe him, and he would have no friends. He decided to hide his visions as best he could per his grandmother’s instructions. After all, she had lived with this ability, curse, whatever you called it, all of her life, he reasoned.

Don and Carol thought Maria was crazy, Phil knew this because Paul told him. Did that mean he was also? They didn’t want to put Maria in a home as she had been this way a long time. They accepted her eccentricities as who she was.

As a devout Catholic who went to mass daily to try to purge herself of the spirits who visited her, Maria saw them as Satan’s minions and impressed this idea upon Phil from a young age.

Don and Carol didn’t know that she had done this. They provided her with a place to live in exchange for free babysitting for their sons. Neither Maria nor Phil would discuss their visions as they were scared of them. Don and Carol avoided discussions with Maria and Phil about the subject as it upset all of them. She had been this way for forever. Maria was devout because she feared what she saw. She shared her fear with her grandson as she had learned from her mother.

When Phil saw THEM, he learned not to talk about it. He didn’t know what they were or what to do about it. His grandmother and parents were no help. Sometimes he saw solid figures standing next to someone, other times he saw blobs or misty figures moving without feet or walking. Spirits would also come to him as angels and try to talk to him. They would tell him not to be afraid. They would have halos and wings, but he thought it was the Devil’s tricks again.

In the night, he saw shadows moving at the end of his bed. Tall and short figures. He could see faces, and they didn’t speak to him. He was too afraid to speak to them. He was afraid they would answer him.

He tried to talk to the school counselor about it once who said, “Have you talked to your parents about this?”
“No, they don’t understand.” She called Phil’s parents, but again they ignored it because they didn’t know what to do.

He didn’t like to walk home from school past a certain abandoned Victorian house because he saw an old woman in spirit sitting on the porch knitting. Her rocker moved back and forth even when there was no wind. His friends thought it was cool and haunted, but he could see the old woman sitting there rocking, year after year, until one night the house burned down.

March 15, 2017

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